Transparent Motives





The desire to reposition the business, as well as to redefine and relocate a workplace, inspired the creation of this transparently minimalist office for the corporate and investment bank, Natixis. Located 400m above Victoria Harbour in ICC, the two-level site offered the opportunity for a decisive shift away from the traditionally opaque and secretive banking environment. Instead, the new office evolved as a functional expression of transparent relationships with clients and staff alike. Far-reaching outside views suggest a limitless future, framed by an interior defined by openness, transparency and LEED Platinum-level sustainability.


Global projects
Hong Kong: 6,550 + 41,200 + 9,900 + 29,500 SF
Taipei: 6,000 SF
Singapore: 17,600 SF
Mumbai: 900 SF
Kuala Lumpur: 1,500 SF
London: 50,000 SF