Global Change





Citi developed a new global initiative, CitiWorks, to optimize the company’s workspaces around the globe and embrace a more mobile working culture. M Moser has worked with Citi at locations worldwide to develop an ABW (Activity Based Workplace) approach to promote productivity, mobility and co-location. Vibrant interiors attract top talent and support rapidly changing technology. Environmental and employee wellness concerns are considered throughout; including air quality, noise and lighting. Citi’s vision is to create dynamic workplaces that support diverse working styles and attract the next generation of talent while optimizing Citi’s physical footprint, thus becoming operationally more efficient.


Global projects
Shanghai: 234,100 SF (3 buildings)
Hong Kong: 329,200 SF (1 building)
India (Noida, Pune and Chennai): 237,629 SF (4 buildings)
Singapore: 60,500 SF (Planning study)
New York: 40,800 SF (Flagship Smart Bank, interior/exterior due diligence study)
New York: 10-story building (Architectural project + brand activation)